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Animals in Healing Environments: Animal-Assisted Therapy and Education (AAT/E) Certificate Program presented by PAN Inc. (People, Animals, Nature, Inc.) in cooperation with DePaul University, School for New Learning, Chicago

People, Animals, Nature (PAN), Inc.
1820 Princeton Circle, Naperville, IL 60665

This is a six-month intensive course offered for the seventh year to professionals who are interested in learning more about animal-assisted therapy and education (AAT/E), its scientific basis, and best practices.

The first semester, “People In Place”, explores the history and psychology of human relationships with animals and nature; reviews the behavior, social, and physical needs, and symptoms of stress in common pet species; and examines how contact with animals and nature maintains human health and equilibrium. The second semester, “Nurturing Healing: Shaping Therapeutic Encounters Between People, Animals and Nature”, explores the techniques for the therapeutic integration of animals and the conduct of AAT/E in a variety of educational and therapeutic settings. It will prepare students to present a proposal for establishing an AAT/E program.

The course which uses a multi-media approach as well as experiential learning techniques is presented by People, Animals, Nature, Inc. (PAN) in cooperation with DePaul University.

For information about the course contact or telephone Debbie Coultis at 630-369-8328. You may also visit PAN’s website at